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TL;DR I share info about Islam cuz I had free time. Quran isn't main source of marriage laws. But the girl in the post is still stupid

I have. Comparatively speaking the Quran is much more egalitarian than either the New Testament or Tanakh.

The real problem is the Sharia. The status of women in Sharia is less about the Quran and more about Hadiths (sayings of the Prophet) which had to be verified by Isnad --clear line of transmission back to the prophet, though many Hadiths even in the canons are contested and historians tend to agree that the Hadiths transcribed reflect more about the time that they were written in (any where from a few years to 100s of years after the Prophets death) then what the Prophet Mohammad actually said. The Sharia was also developed by Qiyas (Analogy) Ijma (consensus among scholars and sometimes the community) and to a lesser extent ijtihad (independent reasoning) which was later disallowed as binding law, and 'aql (reasoning), Qiyas was preferred to 'aql after the triumph of the traditionalist Ulama (religious scholars) over the rational based Ulama.

So the Sharia which has the vast majority of laws concerning woman (the Quran is not a law book unlike the Torah) is taken from: The Quran- Ayat The Sunnah and Hadiths- through proper isnad though many hadiths are of dubious origins Qiyas -analogy by religious scholars Ijma- consensus by religious scholars

The last 3 are all influenced by what the individual scholar wanted, and what his school of thought wanted to propagate as correct

But of course not all scholars agree so this gave rise to 4 schools of jurisprudence (Fiqh) in Sunni Islam, 3 in Shia Islam, and 1 Ibadi school, though the list differs according to some scholars.

Most of these schools are the result of the historical triumph of traditionalist thought in the early caliphates. Most muslims practice taqlid, they listen to and accept the teachings of learned scholars who went before them. But many young muslims, progressive muslims, liberal muslims, and so on are reviving the idea of Ijtihad and reexamining the Quran and criticizing sharia and islamic customs when they do not meet Quranic standards.

For example the sharia deems death to apostates but multiple times in the Quran is says apostate's ONLY punishment is hell and never states any punishment on earth for leaving Islam.

No where in the Quran does it state woman need to cover their heads, only to draw their cloaks around them, use their scarfs to cover their breasts, and not to show off adornments- literally all of those words in arabic have differing translations and are vague enough to cause many differing interpretations. Only ONE hadith (out of hundreds) discussed a woman covering her head and it's isnad is contested by liberal scholars re-examining the strict traditions. Some liberal muslims still choice go wear hijab as a sign of their faith rather then obligation, some choose not too because it's not required, and some interpret "adornments" to include hair

Face covering (Niqab) never mentioned in quran or hadith and is banned during Hajj. Most muslims woman I have heard (that aren't in areas where it is obligatory) say that it isn't obligatory but is an extra step one can take to keep their religion in mind at all time and that many pious muslims woman in the past wore it and it makes them feel closer to God by putting them in that mindset.

Even problematic suras in the Quran can be translated and interpreted many ways such as the one that says "If your wife disobeys first reprimand her, then leave her bed, then "beat" her" I have seen beat translated as "beat her lightly" "hit her softly" "hit her with a toothbrush (which was a small stick with bristles)" and even "go away from her (aka cold shoulder)" And in multiple places in the quran is says to always treat your wife with kindness and then men protect women not harm them it even mentions that if a woman is accused of lewdness or adultery (harsh crimes in Judaism) you have to have a minimum of 4 witnesses to prove it

The only real thing about marriage in the Quran is dowries, don't marry non-muslims unless you marry a christian or jew and raise children muslims, and marry up to 4 wives in a effort to make sure they are provided for; like I said most inequality and marriage laws comes from Sharia

Judaism (and christianity since they have the Old Testament) has just as reprehensible punishment and inequality in its books of law which are the word of God then the Quran does and probably equal to the Sharia as a whole

The difference? Most Jews have reinterpreted and moved past strict interpretation of the laws (like slavery and marrying one's rapist) except perhaps the ultra orthodox

It's good to know the full story of something when judging it.

Reinterpretation (ijtihad) is possible and Muslims Feminist isn't an oxymoron Just as many Jewish and Christian woman have fought for equality in their faiths, and in many denominations have earned it, so will muslim woman

If anyones interested I'm willing to share good books of information on these topics. "What is Veiling" by Sahar Amer is a great book and the first chapter or two are great looks about woman in quran and hadith and the history of islam

PS this is coming from a person who commits the absolute worst sin in Islam-- Shirk. I'm a happy polytheist.

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