Anyone else really grossed out by those “makeup and mystery” YouTube videos about true crime cases?

I drive a lot for work and one of my favorite things to do is listen to Morbid podcast & Bailey Sarian. They discuss true crime cases, evidence, killers, etc, and banter back and forth with each other. Just like Bailey, they pull information from TONS of different sources and are able to weave many facts into the 45-90 min of the episodes. The discussion is a huge aspect for me too - Bailey is a great narrator/story teller(?)

They don’t always cover true crimes committed against women but I feel like in the episodes they do, it gives us some sort of awareness ie; always be aware of your surroundings, x is a scam, you can do x to defend yourself in this scenario, be mindful of walking alone, what to do if you are in this situation, etc.

I’m part of many true crime discussion groups & you find a lot of the same non-evidence based options in there which don’t provoke thought. I feel as though many of us who are into true crime like to know the hows & whys - WHAT makes people do the things they do?

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