Are Visitors Really Welcome….Only On Their Terms! Seen in Smithfield, UT

That makes sense, definitely not trolling. The guy I mentioned was a volunteer member there to prevent non member students from parking in the lot. It was becoming a problem for them at one point, so they brought on that guy. They did give us all seminary parking passes to put on our dashes so we could park there all day, and I did have one. But he took it a bit too far imo and tried to apply an unofficial technicality on me (because I was only going to seminary half the time, I couldn't park there at all anymore - even tho I was still a member, and had the parking pass). just a funny memory that this post reminded me about. And admittedly I probably should have found somewhere else to park, but I was paying 10% of my income at the point and felt like Heavenly Father would be ok with it:p

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