B.C. woman shocked to find a charge for employee health benefits on restaurant bill

Before I changed careers I worked in restaurants for over a decade. I know what your bill goes towards. And benefits shouldn’t be optional. You should have to pay for them, for all of the injury and risk that goes on just so you can have whatever you’re putting in your mouth. You’re basically as bad as the owners of that place. They should be covering their cost out of what you pay and you don’t get to have an opinion about it. Not one. Same with tipping. It should be abolished and you should have to pay the equivalent of what it takes to pay employees a living wage.

But you’re actually too ignorant to know that you’re already dumping thousands of dollars a year into money laundering schemes and exploitation. The list of where your money goes when you dine out is so long your precious little head would explode trying to make sense of any of it.

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