Why can my dad still kick my ass at arm wrestling?

So, in the summer I went to Tallinn in Estonia on a stag do. The last night there (Sunday) we go hit up another bar/hostel, and get chatting to some Aussies. There's little blonde chick there who starts going on about being able to headbutt people and feel no pain, and does this to some of the other guys I am with who look pretty stunned (literally and metaphorically) so I have a crack and tbf she's not fucking about, she can do it pretty fucking hard. But I am a macho idiot and bullheaded as well so we do this several times before we both call it a draw and leave it with some moderate bruising developing on our heads.

The guy that's with them I think was trying to hump one of both of them (fair play to him) suggests we grab some beers and head outside to drink them, bar was getting pretty empty by then anyway (it's like 1am Sunday night/Monday morning at this point) so yeah no prob. We wander out to this park area and there's a fountain, and this Aussie guy suggests we should go skinny dipping. I can't remember if that was aimed at just me, or the others, but anyway I'm the only one who does because fuck it (NSFW - and before anyone comments, fuck off it was chilly). He looked pretty surprised that I didn't take any persuasion, and then he hurries to catch up. And the two lasses to their credit get down to bra and pants and come in as well.

It's all a bit hazy here about the exact order, but quite a few random locals and other tourists turn up, and given it's now about 2-3am on a school night and some drunken English twat is cavorting about in a fountain stark bollock naked everyone's pretty chill, a load of them come join us.

Anyway at some point, I decide to sling headbutt girl over my shoulder like a fireman's carry, but due to some combination of my obviously superhuman strength, her being tiny, me being pissed, I end up basically suplexing her over my shoulder and face down into about a foot of water (like really NSFW this time, and really can I remind you it was chilly?). Bit of a party foul here, now her two mates take good care of her at this point, but she does start doing this spasming thing, which I'm 70% certain was attention seeking but I'm still 30% worried I actually caused this girl some kind of traumatic brain injury.

About this time I realise I've trodden on a load of broken glass in the fountain (in hindsight, she's really lucky, if she's not brain damaged anyway) and I've fucked my foot up [1] [1] and decide I should probably call it a night.

So I wander back to the hostel, and come to think of it I have no idea why I ended up doing that by myself as I'd had at least 3-4 of my lot with me for most of the evening, but anyway I'm limping back on my tod. I drop back in at the fast food place which we'd grown accustomed to near our hostel (still open at 3am on a Sunday night/Monday morning, awesome), and oh my god all their fast food over there seems to be covered in 1000 island dressing, but that's kind of incidental to the point of this.

Anyway sat outside is one of the biggest guys I've ever seen and his mate, and me being an amiable motherfucker with a few drinks in me goes to have a chat and ask him if he's a powerlifter. Turns out he's a Russian powerlifter, who works on a fishing boat out of Norway and was in Tallinn for some reason I don't remember. We shoot the shit in broken and drunken English respectively, he is visibly surprised at how little I can benchpress but then tbh so am I.

I think his mate, a normal sized guy, fair bit slighter than me I think, is trying to convince me to arm-wrestle the powerlifter and I don't think I even bothered, it would have been so one-sided. So then he decides I should have a go at him instead, so we have an arm-wrestle which he wins, and he is absolutely bewildered and convinced that I let him win. But I totally didn't, he was just better than me (at the time anyway, but it had been a long few days at this point). So I guess basically what I am trying to say is; I have no idea mate.

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