Cashier schools difficult customer

I did one time I’ll admit it. It was 2am and I had just gotten off a 13 hour shift and hadn’t eaten since breakfast. McDonald’s was the only place open. I go to the drive thru and no exaggeration, waited 20+ minutes in line. I couldn’t back out because there were cars behind me. I place my order- two spicy chicken sandwiches, small fry, and an iced tea. Wait another 5 minutes in line. Finally get to the window and they tell me they’re out of chicken patties and I need to order something else.. Annoyed but ok fine. I change my order, wait some more, then they come back for my card, I hand them my card and they say they’re only taking cash at this time because they emptied the register already. I didn’t have cash. I kinda lost my shit a little bit, and told them they need to tell people that they’re cash only especially if making them wait nearly a half an hour for food at 2 in the morning. I felt bad, but also kinda didn’t. It seemed like common sense to me to warn people. I’ve worked in fast food before and I would have said something in the intercom.

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