[Challenge] European Accountability Challenge: November 25th, 2021

Day 2 back on the wagon.

I've had quite the history with weight loss. Back when I was 20 I was 5'5 200lbs, I managed to get down to a very lean 145lbs, I'm talking like 5% BF. Became an athlete, boxed for 3 years and then transitioned into professional wrestling and Ioved it

Just before lockdown I suffered the dumbest injury imaginable, I've been thrown from 15 foot ladders, put through tables, dropped on my neck, did any of this injure me? Nope. What injured me is one day I was doing my entrance like I did every show, climbed the turnbuckle to show out to the crowd like I did every show, jumped down and immediately tore my ACL. So stupid

I'm mostly recovered now and I was cleared to start exercising again 6 months ago but it's been a struggle, I am just not motivated anymore, in the past I didn't even notice my weight loss, I was just able to stick to a routine and one day woke up in shape. Now though it's like I'm really aware of how much work it'll take and how long it'll take, I'll lose 5lbs, fall off the wagon and put 10lbs back on.

I need to do something, my very expensive wrestling gear doesn't fit anymore and I had quite a few shocked reactions when I returned to my wrestling school last weekend.

Current still male, still 5'5 and 191lbs. Goal weight for now is 150lbs

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