Climate report: Scientists politely urge 'act now, idiots'; It's the final call, say scientists, the most extensive warning yet on the risks of rising global temperatures.

By your own admission, you are a high school dropout. You have absolutely zero credibility.

How does being a high school dropout affect my credibility? I have all the same access to the same information as any high school graduate or University student and I have the same average intelligence as anybody else.

So please explain to me how that has anything to do with my credibility.

Listening to you pretend like you know anything better than these scientists is like watching a toddler tell an adult how to pay their taxes.

"These scientists" -- you're making it sound like "scientsits" are a giant collective blob of intelligence. They aren't. They are individuals with individual research.

There is a hypothesis that climate change is man-made. Others disagree.

Based on the research, I side with those who DISAGREE (who are ALSO scientists).

I don't claim to know better than any of them. I claim to SUPPORT those scientists who disagree with the hypothesis that climate change is man-made.

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