Coffee and cinema tickets could be new incentives to beat Covid vaccine hesitancy in youngsters

We're all for pro choice here at r/conspiracy

I've been here long enough to know that's a complete lie. This sub is about being pro choice when it comes to VACCINES, not when it comes to ABORTION. They're only pro-choice when it fits their agenda. This is a sub chock full of fundamentalist Christians talking about how the world is run by Satanists and that the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast. This sub is not primarily pro-choice. That's a bold-faced lie good sir.

However when we see thousands of doctors being censored who wish to warn against taking the vaccine or perhaps advising a different alternative then we're bound to find that suspect and we'll discuss it because you can still do that on this sub. I'm sorry if that is an inconvenience for you.

It's no an inconvenience, where did you get that nonsense? Yes, it's your right to not take the vaccine. It's your right to listen to the medical advice of approximately 3% of doctors vs 97%. I think it's a selfish action, but it's still your right. It's your right to refuse to vax, and my right to think you're selfish. And it's not like being selfish is necessarily a bad thing; pretty much everyone, everywhere is ultimately selfish when it comes to protecting themselves and their loved ones. I'm pro-choice too buddy (though actually pro choice, not the half-assed vaccine version people here preach). And I love discussions on the vaccine, but this sub is not a great place to discuss them whatsoever. Anything pro-vax is downvoted to oblivion every single time. The sub is vehemently anti-vax, and is censored to support that agenda. It's a terrible place for actually comprehensive discussions from both sides on vaccinations.

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