COVID-19 Numbers Increasing in Manhattan Beach, Says LA County

Seems like there's a few factors at play...

  • The science: it's a novel virus so the scientific community isn't going to say anything's a fact until they know for absolute certain. The scientific understanding is evolving, but you can get a sense of where things are heading when you have a stack of papers awaiting peer review that all hint at the same conclusion(s).
  • Public policy: officials have to consider the science along with public opinion, economic health and other matters, so they've made some missteps along the way, which adds to doubt that subsequent decisions are sound.
  • Public opinion: as with politics and other social matters, it's become polarized, a feud of extreme/dogmatic positions. So I get the sense that some are taking positions not because of evidence but because they want to be/feel as far distanced from the science-deniers as possible, even if it involves ignoring the science, counter-intuitive as that may be.

I'm just trying to just make my best effort to understand what's going on, then take measured risks based on the evidence. I'm happy with beaches, parks, outdoor dining being open. I'm not eager to return to the office any time soon.

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