Why did she wait so long to fight?

Were there times you asked her for second chances and got them ? Maybe she feels like it’s her turn maybe just like it took you almost losing her to see what you had she needed the same ? If the time frame was different I could almost think my ex wrote this and it sucks on this end . All I can think is how many times I was asked to accept and work through his mistakes but god forbid I ask the same .

But you are definitely right that she doesn’t deserve to be with someone who is there out of pity. She probably feels as though someone has died and in a way something did die. The relationship died all hopes and dreams attached to it died . And it’s ok for her and you of course to grieve that loss. Remember there are 5 stages one of those is anger once the dust has settled the negative memories for you , us , everyone fades and you will both look back more fondly on the relationship.

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