I don't understand her

Sorry, but you guys have only been a thing for four months and are already thinking of marrying? I try to be as non-judgmental as I can, but I would assume you guys are still in the honeymoon stage and I'm assuming you're both in your early 20s. I would definitely hold that thought out a little more. Anyway, you mentioned she is "very innocent, shy, gets embarrassed easily etc." Don't you think it's kind of cruel of you to pressure her into sharing a room with her, especially being nevermets? You shame her for being 21 and acting like she's 15 when you know she is innocent and shy? Sharing a room can imply so much more than just changing clothes in the same room, and if she's shy about changing clothes in front of you, she isn't ready for anything more than that. The fact you're pressuring her to anyway despite her apparent discontent is manipulative and controlling. You mentioned English isn't her first language, and she mentioned her teacher as well. I'm going to assume there's not only a language barrier but a culture barrier, which matters a lot. This can explain why she's 21 and "still innocent". While you may be offended that she doesn't trust you over her teacher, certain cultures look up to their teachers and hold their opinions with high regard. I'm assuming she has known her teacher for more than she's known you and respects her teacher enough to consider their opinion. She isn't letting her teacher decide for her, otherwise she would have already made the decision to not stay with you. She's simply contemplating whether or not she agrees more with her teacher's decision and yours. She wanted to talk about what was bothering her and you immediately took a defensive stance. You're invalidating her concerns and feelings about the situation. I would be extremely distressed if my boyfriend put me in that situation. You say you just want to cuddle and be close with her, but have you thought she might be uncomfortable with that too? If you really love her like you say you do, you need to be patient and truly consider what she wants. Her needs matter just as much as yours.

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