I don't know what to do

Hey man,

I'm 23 and I've dealt with a lot of the problems you have. Growing up is fucking scary and it's hard to let go of your safety net but you learn to get over it.

Let me also quickly say that you do NOT need to worry about getting married or having a kid anytime soon.

I was over weight for a long time I felt much better after I shed the pounds and got healthy. It seems impossible, but it's really easy, I promise you, after a only few days of discipline it becomes almost effortless. Set a goal, a small one to start if you want, a few pounds, a few inches, whatever you want. You don't need to count calories but it was helpful for me and made me more aware of what I was putting in my body, so it might be good to do for a few weeks.

I ate paleo and took beginner MMA classes and I was loosing like 5 pounds a week! I ate bacon and eggs for breakfast and worked out an hour a day a few times a week, that's it, everything else was the same. If you're interested this is great place to get started with the paleo diet:


Look up local MMA gyms. I did Mauy Thai Kickboxing. The classes are a lot of fun, and they go by quickly because they're fun and you're doing with with a bunch of other people, all of whom have similar goals to you.

I highly recommend the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferris, I lost most of the weight before reading the book, but it's made me smarter about weight loss and opened my eyes to how easy it back be. He'll show you how to loose 20 pounds a month and you don't even need to work that hard at it.

The idea of getting a job is fucked up. It seems so distant and impossible, but honestly no one knows what they're doing. Most people get jobs and figure it out as they go along.

You slave your life away making someone else rich, wtf is up with that Read books and blogs on entrepreneurship. Just do things you like and figure out how to make money doing it. If you're interested PM me and I'll recommend you some fantastic books on entrepreneurship

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