The Epic Games Store “Ratings and Polls” update

Considering the circumstances when there was a large influx of entertainment media following this trend when this game came out, I don't think so.

You just don't seem to accept anything else than what is already set in your head, do you? That is why these movements are a failure and people like you are considered to be a joke.

You are too stuck up and stupid to even make a reasonable argument, and all you say is just emotion based.

People don't want to deal with this shit all the time, period. It is like forced sex scenes, it is cliche and boring and adds nothing interesting to the story.

You simply disregard any legitimate criticism because it doesn't follow the ideology you have set.

And frankly with the amount of hate it got at the release, no matter how you look at it, there was legitimate criticism. Unless you would like to lie to yourself and be delusional.

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