Hi there - I've been exploring lots of interesting topics over the last few years and learned a ton!! However I'm wondering what things you find interesting and why it's compelling to you. So lay it on me.

I'm really interested in psychology. Especially psychology related to violent crimes(and even more specifically, serial kilers). I know it's kind of creepy, but it's just been something I love to read about since I was in elementary school. I was a weird kid, still am I guess. Maybe it started with all the Forensic Files and Dateline that my mom watched.

I like to try to figure out why people do the things that they do, in general, not even limited to murderers. But especially about murderers. Often there are "signs" but sometimes there aren't. Often the person had a fucked up childhood and dealt with trauma which started their downward spiral, but sometimes they had a seemingly peachy childhood and were described as a good kid. You can't always go by the "signs", a checklist to look out for. Sometimes you have no idea.

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