Holocaust survivor salutes US soldier who liberated him from concentration camp

Do not kid yourself.

This is when I know a half-baked, simplistic version of a complicated part of history is coming...filled with personal bias, edge and shading towards grand conspiracy.

America made the Marshall Plan so that Europeans could buy American products

Oh dear lord. Don't worry, bro...most people your age are just as ignorant. Ever wonder how big lies throughout history take hold in large populations? And you think to yourself, "man if I was alive back then I would never think stupid shit like blacks are inferior or that Jews control the world. Not me!" Dude, free trade did not take off for decades after WWII...it didn't return to pre-war levels until something like the late 70s. This is just ignorant bullshit that people who don't know any better, and who love simplistic takes on history, constantly spew. This is just fact. A fact that you could have looked up yourself. The US became the largest economy in the world largely through its domestic market. Again, a fact that can be researched.

Wait, wait...which one is it it? The US created the Marshall Plan and forgave all those to prop up countries leaning towards communism or they "strong-armed" them? Those selfish bastards giving away all that money and trying to foster democracy and institutions like the UN and NATO so that future world wars could be avoided! What a bunch of dicks.

Yes, the cold war was complicated (key word here) with some shady shit that went on (all of it was complicated with lots of moving parts) but your attempt to boil down lost of moving parts and conflicting interests within the US govt while you pretend there was some sort of grand selfish scheme that was motivated solely by self-interest and greed is laughable. You want to see how that would really work? Look to the Soviet Union and the countries behind the iron curtain.

And don't worry, you're not alone. Fucking reddit know it alls

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