How can we stay hopeful in a world full of hate and suffering?

I believe toxic positivity is definitely a thing and so putting our head in the sand isn't for me. I am not Asian but i am not a white woman and certainly not white passing either,without wanting to take the spot away from the horrible story you are refering too there's also similar stories happening to my people every day because racism,prejudices and hate are still present.It is a minority but knowing that even a minority of people wish you didn't exist simply because of our "race" is hurtful beyond words, especially when you think about your own children who'll go through this...

One story that made me cry so much happened 6 months ago (Joyce Echaquan for those who aren't sensitive and are interested) and while it was monstruous i could see how people from everywhere,every color/race/ethnicities/religions/spirituality etc got hurt by this and wanted things to change. They gave so much support to the family and community.

Youngers generations are working hard at it and older ones are awakening.

Sometimes it takes the worst of humanity to see the best coming out.The solidarity was beautiful to see and since they are working hard to educate people it will hopefully prevent many hate crimes from happening.

We HAVE to take actions obviously but i try to focus on people who want change and work with them. That's how i personally go through it.

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