How to keep your patience with your NKs?

OMG! The not listening/ignoring you thing is totally a thing with my oldest NK and is now rubbing off on the youngests too! I also have to physically go up to them and make them look at me to get a response. It's exhausting.

IDK how old your oldest NK is but I highly suspect it has something to do with not getting enough socialization with children their own age due to the pandemic. NP's have let up some on our restrictions but have shut down anything that could give them some actual life/social skills. I feel for these kids because they're about to start school full time after being pandemic kids for the last two years. There's been no outside interactions (outside of a few close family/frieinds) so they're really going to go from zero to 1000 once the new school year starts. I'm hoping once the oldest is eligible for his vaccine we'll be able to do something a bit more to prepare him.

Also, a lot of my low patience levels have been due to the winter blues, personally. The weather has been nice-ish these last couple weeks and I feel like a new person lol.

But honestly, I think the main problem is that the oldest really should be in some kind of school program at least part-time. They're just too old and need more mental stimulation than I or their youngest siblings can give.

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