IAmA 26M from Fiji spending the next few days in an Indian hospital as I've just donated a kidney to my father. AMA whilst I recover.

I disagree.

Have a family member who works in the ER of the largest trauma hospitals in our area. She told me that she has seen some fucked up shit. One of the things she saw was that when there was a motorcycle or car accident or someone who was decently fucked but still had a chance for survival, but they were organ donors, there was already another team or surgeons waiting at the hospital and they would take over the OR for that patient and start harvesting their organs. Whereas, if the person was not an organ donor they would’ve tried to save him to the very end and not given up/did such a poor job trying to bring them back to life.

Now I’m not say that this is the way it is SUPPOSE to be, but like with any industry there is always corruption behind the curtains. And as soon as I heard that story I went to the DMV and had my name removed off the organ donors list and off my drivers license and everything!

So be careful what you sign up for. I’m taking all mine with me...not going to die early just to give up my organs.

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