If you could tell anything to someone right now, what would it be?

To Dad,

You're painfully selfish. You're so lazy it's annoying. When I tell you my dog gets diarrhea from pork and don't give her any, don't give me some asshole comment "riiiiiight." Fuck you. IT GIVES HER FUCKING DIARRHEA AND I DONT WANT HER TO BE SICK BECAUSE YOURE AN ASSHOLE. Don't expect everybody to do all your fucking dishes. You stole my lunch that I made and packed for myself. I told you not to take it. I get yelled at for snapping at you but you're a prick. You are the worst fucking driver. You're dangerous behind the wheel. Chew with your mouth closed. Fucking breath between bites. It's embarrassing when you start hacking at restaurants because you don't pace yourself. Most days I can't wait to get out so I can cut contact. But if I did that, it would break moms heart. She tells me I'm the adult between us and I need to change my attitude. She's right. I am the motherfucking adult. You act like a god damn child. I hold an incredible amount of resentment towards you because I held so much hostility towards your siblings and my cousins. I thought the family broke apart because of them. Nearly 8 years I was angry with them for you. Now that I know it was you. I'm embarrassed for my hostility. I missed out on crucial years with my cousins and uncles. I have a very hard time trusting anybody. In my will, I left my dog to my brother and his fiancée and if they can't take her then to my aunt and uncle. Because they would care for her. Not you. You'd leave her in doors all day, not exercise her. You don't even exercise yourself. The only person you can take care of is yourself and even then, mom takes care of you. You'd probably forget to feed her. You wouldn't be able to take care of the cats. You'd end up killing them. The 9 days you were on vacation were the best 9 days I've had home in a long time. It was glorious. You need therapy very badly. I fucking hate you and yet I still love you because you're my dad. Unfortunately your man of the house persona is a facade. Mom and I run this fucking house.

Love, Your daughter.

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