I'm 26 years old, working a prestigious job at one of the best countries in the world... why does my quality of life suck?

Something doesn't add up.

- Income: "Prestigious" (let's assume working in Tech or Finance) in SF with 3 years work experience should be at least $100k base. Likely double that.

- Taxes: For $100k, about 35% total

- Rent: For a 1 br in a nice area, $2,500 / month

After tax you'd have $5,400 in income to pay for $2,500 rent, or $2,900 left over every month. You can easily survive on $1,000 for groceries, leaving around $2k monthly for going out. Again, this is assuming $100k, which is very low here for a "prestigious job" with years of experience.

If you're living frugally and struggling to save, you're doing something wrong.

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