June 1st Acceptance Thread - Let’s Celebrate!

No way I know I have no shot at getting into SE at Waterloo! I'm thinking management engineering- I know someone who transferred from UO SWE to Waterloo management engineering. And bruh. I like queen's commerce as a program. If I only cared about ~pResTige~ I would've accepted my offers from McMaster engineering or Western engineering, but I accepted UO since it's ranked lowly so I'll be able to do better, hence I'll be able to transfer into Waterloo Mgmt eng easier.

And tbh I don't have a passion :0 who wants to hear that in 2020! It may not be my passion but nothing I've done is- and trust me I've tried a lot. SO I might as well do something I'm decent at with good job prospects + it's not like I hate it.

Ok but I don't like the school! It's different for each person but it's my only option at this point so IDC how the school ~makes me feel~ and if it ~feels right~ and shit like that the guidance counsellors tell you. Based on what I've seen from my extensive research, it's a mediocre school at best and people usually go there as a last resort, but hey- you do you! If you think it's a great school that's awesome but I would disagree,

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