[L] I wish someone would say that they were proud of me and believed in me

I really like it! It’s confusing, and I’m still honestly on level one (letters, punctuations, short words, some contractions) but I kind of like the puzzle aspect of it. One of my friends says his ex was able to speed read Braille as fast as other people can read books, so I’ll get there eventually.

I’m severely allergic to dogs, otherwise I would love to get one. Honestly, that’s been the hardest part, because a lot of the instructors have guide dogs so my asthma has been really painful these last weeks. But I do love dogs! They’re such sweeties.

And thank you. Thank you thank you. I really appreciate hearing it from you. I feel like such an idiot when I’m doing cane training- outdoor navigation is Fricking Insane.

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