[L]Shitty month

Kind of sounds like your parents are having a shitty time, too. Plenty of things to stress about in the world at large and in our own lives. You can only try to do your part to help out, but don't carry their burdens as your own. Don't take on too much that you smother your life's enjoyment under their expectations. Also, it is scary to be the one to reach out to a classmate and make that initial introduction, but do it. Hopefully you'll find some common interests and make some friends. Not sure what activity you dropped, but I hope you consider how it influenced you, and whether dropping it now is a positive move on your part. If you're seriously aiming for college, some outside-classroom activities, service work, and memberships might look good on applications. If you're not sure about college, consider the companies in your area, what type of job you could get after graduation? Are your parents pushing you to move out, or will they continue to support you at home? This is a stressful time for you, because your life will soon be disrupted with changes, but it's a challenge you can look forward to as your own journey begins. Consider what you'll need to know to navigate it.

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