Linus - this is why do I care what others buy and play games on.

PC needs to step up. I'd consider myself somewhat tech savvy (I work as a software developer doing cross-platform development for Windows and Linux, I've been a sys admin in the past, I've been in this industry for well over a decade), but I can't stand PC gaming.

Maybe it's because I grew sick of troubleshooting from my profession, but PC gaming is just riddled with hacks. It seems like I have to fuck with every god damn game to get it to work how it should just work. Even today, I bought Geometry Wars 3 for PC and it only works correctly if it's in Windowed mode with vsync enabled and on the lowest settings. My computer is WAY more than enough to handle the game, it's just that it doesn't work right for my particular configuration. It's not an FPS issue either, when I have medium settings enabled then the visuals become fucked up (missing polygons all over the place, sprites disappearing constantly, etc). This is not unique to me, I searched on Google to figure out this hack, which means other people are having the problem. I had problems getting Skyrim to work properly, I had to do a bunch of hacks to get Fallout New Vegas to work properly, it's just hack after hack.

Yes, one can become 'tech savvy' to overcome these, but why? That shit is just annoying. It puts people off.

Furthermore, the cheating on PC is fucking rampant, especially with certain games. I have Geometry Wars 3 on XB1 and PC. On XB1 it's great because I actually feel competitive, on PC it's ruined because people use shit like Cheat Engine to ruin the game for others. On the XB1 version, one of my favorite game modes (Waves) has a high score of ~75 million (last time I checked), but for PC you have people with high scores like 999,999,999,999 (which would be impossible). Aimbots are much more common on PC, fucking cheaters all over the place.

Yes, Steam might have measures in place to ban people who cheat, but that's quite easy to get around - cheaters just don't buy a Steam copy.

There are a bunch of other reasons why I can't stand PC gaming, but these issues stand out to me.

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