Lords of the Fallen 2 drops developer Defiant Studios

I mean there isn't but I couldn't force myself to play more than first two chapters of The Surge even thou i'm a big fan of the genre who played every From's soulslike game, and even finished Lords of the Fallen and had some fun from it. In the first two chapters(cause i already mentioned i didn't play more) it had probably the most bland/boring/forgettable enviroment i've seen in a game, even the stereotypical dark fantasy castle from LotF was more interesting to me. Enviromental design, atmosphere is one, are one of the most important parts of souls game to me, every From's games excel at that, with Bloodborne being absoluely stellar in this element, and the game sucked at that aspect IMO. Combat while feeling ok, started to feel terribly balanced, because standard enemies started to doing crazy damage. It felt like there was 0 room for error fighting even the basic mobs, because literally everything hit you for >50% hp.

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