A lot to unpack in this one

Can't speak for the early intentions of the sub, but the tactic started as mocking their whole aryan genetic superiority bullshit that they spew.

When TheGoldenOne talks about "virile aryan genetic stock," or whatever, it's still awful, but when a 400 lb neckbeard talks the same talk it's awful, but also funny and self contradictory.

I don't think that being disabled or overweight or ugly or whatever has any bearing on your worth as a human being, but if someone starts talking about people's genetic identities making them inherently superior or inferior, yet they're the spitting image of Cletus Spuckler, I'm gonna point that out.

When someone like Ted Haggard turns out to be secretly homosexual, he's not being criticized and made fun of because he's gay, he's being criticized and made fun of because he's a big fucking hypocrite.

The more people starting doing it, though, the more that nuance got drained away to nothing.

The point wasn't making fun of racists for being fat or disabled, it was about making fun of them for being hypocrites. The only reason it was pointed out is because they put such a strong emphasis on "genetic superiority."

It's become something else, currently, and now health and physical appearance is equated with societal value, which is wrong and misses the original point entirely.

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