I (M15) was raped (M18) and four people (F16, M14, F17, M17) watched and did nothing.

The thing is, when OP comes here to talk about what happened, everyone wants justice for OP. That's very understandable, but it can have an unforeseen, negative consequence for OP. Going to the police and navigating the legal system can be, for some rape victims, almost as traumatizing as the rape itself. Especially if it's OP's word against 5 other people, it's going to be a tough fight. I don't blame OP one bit if he doesn't go. Most rape victims don't report the crime for that very reason.

But then, they very often have guilt over not going to the police. Everyone is pressuring OP to go to the police, and if OP doesn't go, that can make OP feel like he's part of the problem in this situation. That would be unfortunate, and unfair. OP needs counselling. If OP and the counselor agree that they're ready to go to the police, then that's great. But pushing OP to do that now, and putting all the onus on him is just unfair and unwise. He's been through enough.

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