Do men tend to discredit women?

Yep. I'm directly impacted by this bias. It's hard to hide gender at work though when your legal name and work email are tied to pull requests. I've always had men as my tech leads and two of them nitpicked my code in ways that contradicted their previous comments on other pull requests I would submit. More frustrating they both micromanaged me while letting the guys on the project work without interruptions.

It really sucks too when the guys go on to create code that breaks my logic and then my branch is blamed. When I go to make the fix it ends up being because a coworker made mistakes and I have to go through their spaghetti code making fixes and then get chastised for cleaning up their code to it is more uniform.

I just got to lead my first project and one of the devs under me undermined me on a daily basis and tried to go above me whenever he had the chance. If I called him out he would only say sorry if I thought that's what he was doing and never accepted he was guilty of it. He was compitent enough to do the work but he would constantly make changes out of scope or that were not considered best practice. I had to do all of the backend items because he could only handle front end even though he is supposed to be a full-stack developer like myself.

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