Men and women's lives are too incomparable for us to find common ground on dating

And it's difficult to act warm and affection with someone you fear might abuse you.

Yeah, and the fact that women actually commit the majority of non-reciprocal DV means men should actually be more afraid of women than vice versa. IPV resulting in death is so vanishingly rare that it is irrelevant.

Guys will never truly understand how annoying it is to have people you're not attracted to hit on you each day,

Imagine complaining about being found attractive.

forcing you to measure your words and let them down easy so as not to provoke them.

Fear based on feminist propaganda, you are far more likely to be abused or killed by someone you know well. The trope of the rejected man attacking or killing a woman is vastly overstated and extremely rare, again to the point of irrelevance.

Girls will never truly understand how the combination of a man's sex drive and a multi-year dry spell make the world seem a cruel and cold place.

They understand, they simply do not care. Case in point: this entire shithole sub.

The average man and woman's lives are too incomparable to come to any agreement on matters of dating

The only correct part of the post, really. Women have it so good, with such an engrained sense of entitlement and victim complex, they cannot understand how awful the life of an average man is compared to them.

Imagine living your entire life in the framework of completely imagined victimhood based on propaganda and lies. Fucking meme gender.

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