What are subtle signs that a man is a misogynist?

I agree that interrupting/ignoring women and shutting down conversations about women’s rights is a clear red flag. But judging men to be misogynists because they don’t prioritize consuming media made by women is a slippery slope.

Much of the public is pretty irritated with celebrities who preach social justice, yet demonstrate little self-awareness about their own internalized biases and privilege. Cardi B speaks out against very valid misogyny in the hip-hop community, but then talks about how she drugged and robbed men in the past to illustrate her “struggles.” Patty Jenkins made a wonderful, empowering superhero film in Wonder Woman, and then (spoiler alert) made a sequel where she transforms her hero into a rapist who uses a man’s body without consent (and Patty still admits no error on her part). Hope Solo speaks against violence against women, and then assaults her teenage nephew. No one enjoys supporting hypocrites.

If you suggest your favorite women artists and he outright refuses without giving them due consideration, then that’s an issue. However, a man following mostly male public figures does not make him a misogynist.

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