Mother’s intuition is no joke

I experienced something similar from a child's perspective. I was 12.

The night my mom died (she had MS for a long time) I woke myself up absolutely sobbing and with what felt like physical heartache and a feeling of utter despair and hopelessness. I also had an overwhelming feeling of dread, like everything was lost and pointless. It's hard to explain accurately, sorry.

Two minutes after I woke up the phone rang, and as soon as I heard it the thought "mom's dead" filled my head. There was no doubt at all, I just knew it was true. I recall my dad answering the phone and asking a single word: "When?"

After that I kind of lost my mind a bit and apparently went into hysterics, as I don't really remember what happened directly after the phone call. Next thing I know I'm on the couch in the living room and my dad is holding me while I'm bawling my eyes out.

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