Muslim woman at LAX goes on public rant against America, gay people, and Donald Trump. Promises to kill many people for refusing to become Muslim and says Orlando shooter "wasn't a terrorist." Gets arrested after a few hours.

There is nothing in this world I hate more than Islam. Most muslims are great people but the religion itself is toxic and disgusting.

There was a guy I worked with at my previous job, who was at face value, just a completely normal, friendly african amercian guy. I'd consider us friends at work. He was a recent (within the last few years) convert to Islam. I'd often hear him in his office listening to some kind of Islamic chanting and he'd spend his free time learning arabic. Whatever, no big deal. I remember going into work one Friday and he was unusually chipper. Asked him what was up and he said he was doing an animal sacrifice at his church the following weekend. A goat I think. What bothered me the most was how excited he was for it.

I later googled what this was all about...

Muslims engaged in the Hajj (pilgrimage) are obliged to sacrifice a lamb or a goat or join others in sacrificing a cow or a camel during the celebration of the Eid al-Adha


The Eid al-Adha is major annual festival of animal sacrifice in Islam. In Indonesia alone, for example, some 800,000 animals were sacrificed in 2014 by its Muslims on the festival, but the number can be a bit lower or higher depending on the economic conditions. According to Lesley Hazleton, in Turkey about 2,500,000 sheep, cows and goats are sacrificed each year to observe the Islamic festival of animal sacrifice


According to The Independent, nearly 10,000,000 animals are sacrificed in Pakistan every year on Eid. Countries such as Saudi Arabia transport nearly a million animals every year for sacrifice to Mina (near Mecca). The sacrificed animals at Id al-Adha, states Clarke Brooke, include the four species considered lawful for the Hajj sacrifice: sheep, goats, camels and cattle, and additionally, cow-like animals initialing the water buffalo, domesticated banteng and yaks.


Other occasions when Muslims perform animal sacrifice include the 'aqiqa, when a child is seven days old, is shaved and given a name. It is believed that the animal sacrifice binds the child to Islam and offers protection to the child from evil.

In this case, it has nothing to do with terrorism, or sharia, or anything else the media likes to talk about. It's a holiday, a festival.. and a deplorable one. These people are so deluded that they're willing to harm and slaughter innocent animals in the name of some imaginary beliefs. This practice is apparently protected in the US under certain religious conditions.

Fuck Islam.

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