I need an outside perspective

She told me that she just likes getting attention from guys sometimes. It’s how she was when she was in highschool

She ain't in high-school anymore.

Your wife is literally telling you that she goes out of her way to flirt with other men because she wants attention. Even if she doesn't actually cheat on you, this is still incredibly immature and pretty much shows how she's not particularly serious about being married, because she needs validation of her attractiveness from other men besides her husband.

Then my wife asked if he’s going to ever talk to another girl he sort of dated. He went on to say maybe but they still sometimes hook up. And then he went on to say how he’s always horny. Even after he masterbates..."what? You know I have no filter"

Anyone who says inappropriate things and then defends it with "I just say whatever I want" is a douchebag

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