i need help getting a girlfriend

Here is they key dude. If you don't understand them. 26+ is your luck. Their minds totally change at that age. (really it 27 where they are totally out..25 and 26 seem more transitional...Like freshman and sophomore in high school seem transitional and junior and senior is high school maturity) Not to be a downer but if you think like that your fucked. (I wrote a lot but deleted it way too long) -Forget dating NOW they are attracted to guys who do their own thing -90% of the girls i have been with in any sexual way was me doing my own thing and picking up on their HINTS -Don't worry if you miss the hints, you'll learn. -Learn to read body language, if you sure, check again, if your not quite sure still, check again. What i mean is they will continue balling sign at you till you get it. Example, I was very fickle if this girl was just drunk and a goofy girl because she came off goofy. She was holding my finger and saying something stupid. Then shyed away when i said the finger thing was weird. I told her to comeback i don't mind hold my finger (don't ever make a girl feel bad no matter how weird or gross, if you like her deal with it: if it's something that she does regulary gross (sucking cheetos clean then eating them after their all clean, say something because that a no no...shit if she does that pass on her man! for the love of everything reddit pass) The other thing she did was role over me on my lap (was a 100% ). i wasn't in the mood (I only came for free liquor lol) Girls will really try if the first time does not work (not all of them) -The whole ass whole super cool guy thing works for up until 24 then it dies down. Until 26 they better have cash or be really cool or gtfo.(girls thinking) -Basicaly it's like fishing, don't try to force the fish on. Just chill and do your own thing and one will bite. try to real her in. If she gets away she gets away. You don't want it throw it back in. -Most importantly DON"t THINK ABOUT DATING just hang out relax. That's why I fucked up soooo much. 100% of the girls i had any relationship sexual or not was just because we crossed paths doing what we do. Get off the video games find a face to face bobbie. Or die alone. Your choice. Oh and word for the wise. Don't shit where you eat. You'll learn that one. lol I just don't give a #*$% atm so I do sometimes.

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