Why do I never get any matches?!

The car selfie isn't the best as a profile photo; you want a nice, visually pleasing background (e.g. outdoors) or your trendiest/dressiest outfit, and you'd look more approcheable with a big smile that reaches your eyes. You also wanna demostrate that you can clean up nice for a date! If you have own an ironed white/blue dress shirt, that would work (without the hat). Variety in photos and outfits is your friend. You with the mountains in the back would be a killer profile photo as well.

I actually like the fish photo - mainly because your face lights up when you're doing something you're passionate about. The timid smile in the first photo doesn't quite demonstrate how spontaneous, travelled or adventurous you are. "Show, don't tell" applies here too, and you seem 100% like an introvert of few words. I'm sure there's more to you, but it's just not clear from this photo selection.

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