#NotAllMen can be a legit argument and it shouldn't fall on the "Nice Guys" to patrol all other men.

A couple of things.

"Activism" is popular these days. You can't keep quiet about this, you are an accomplice if you don't speak up about it, keep others informed, dedicate your life to this or that cause etc. In my opinion, it's hypocritical, because simply talking about stuff is good and informative, but it's not helping anyone who is struggling. It's a way for some social media people to keep a moral highground. Don't get me wrong, attention must be given to topics like rape, but instagram and Facebook posts are not the attention that topic needs. It needs to be tackled in schools, courts and scientific circles.

If you don't fall under the category of social media activists, it is and should be enough to do your best to be a decent human being. When you see that somebody is hurt, act on it, and don't actively do shitty stuff.

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