'Operation Death Eaters': Anonymous Wade Into Child Sex Abuse Scandal And Threaten To Expose High Profile Abusers

When there is no legal redress, and the "justice system" drags shit out for years, people get pissed, and shit like this happens more and more. Having a working justice system means that you are essentially providing a service people will using rather than shooting/fighting it out themselves. Not that lawyers will argue legalisms and follow protocols until the sun burns out.

But as things are, everyone in "the system" has something to hide behind, claim its not their fault for fucking up, and just keep working on ways to diminish their own responsibility.

Hell, guilty parties do that enough as is. Had one nutso tenant, another friend of theirs was down to get high with em, they got too tweaked out, got in a fight, and their boxer puppy jumped into the fray. So, the injured party wants to call the cops, when they're all high off their asses of course, because she's got messed up stitches now, is bleeding all over, and missing a knuckle(the skin covering it I'm sure, kind of hard to lose two sections of bone with the cartilage in between). The one tenant smashes her phone, and yells at her that he hopes she bleeds to death. All over his apartment no doubt. Eventually he kicks her out.

So, I get the bullshit story from both sides. Somehow the part about them getting high in the apartment is covered up, and the action moves out to the hallway. No blood in the hallway of course, but sometimes the puppy runs around outside. And it's all the puppys fault.

Yeah, sure. So, they have to get rid of the dog anyway, and I've got to file an eviction for dangerous animal, etc. (even though the dangerous animal is human in reality), assault, threats of assault(more like being high ons getting nuts of meth, booze, etc).

In the end the official writeup is going to neglect the drugs aspect, because it could be used as a delaying tactic. The whole, prove I'm a drug addict thing. Nope! Dangerous animal, assault, don't need to know the details, bye bye!

And the other party? She's on thin ice. The tweakers with the dog, they want me to throw her out too. Was not saying I wasn't going to do so, just not right away. ;) Most annoying assholes, then less annoying assholes. By the time I chuck her out, the stitches will be healed, and she can't try to claim victim status. :D

In a workable system, I'd have both their asses out for fighting and drug abuse inside of 3 days or less. Under the current system, the cops will probably be here every day or two while they're going at each other, threatening each other down the halls, and scurrying away when the other one calls the cops. And in about 2 weeks, the eviction should be complete. Maybe.

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