Parents who enjoyed their careers, but either considered or decided to become stay-at-home parents - how did you decide, one way or the other?

For me, I enjoyed my career but childcare costs more than I make. It just didn’t make sense for me to go to work and pay for childcare. I do find myself missing my job sometimes but with my 8m old I could not imagine working full time while my husband works overtime. I’m already overwhelmed with how much there is to do. I plan on having more babies soon that way I can stay at home with them for now and I won’t be out of the workforce for as long. I’ve accepted that I’ll be a little older and will have to move up when my littles go to school. I would say it is definitely worth it as far as being behind on my career,I love being a mom so much more and for me it’s more important to be there for my son.

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