Psycho - Conservatism, someone came up with a new term for Peterson, Haidt and all the other evo-psychology CHUDs on twitter

to be honest I really only used CHUD cause I was thinking of all the college republican ben shapiro worshipping/ alt right/ alt lite/ youtube atheist/ libertarian reactionary/ anti sjws who eat up the evo-psychology tweets all three of those guys regualrly fire off comparing the left to the far right/ obsessing over IQ and race etc.

Pinkers Better Angels is an interesting read I think he's just one more neoliberal who can't come to terms with the failure of polite centrist debate to solve the worlds problems. Haidt on the other hand is a real life version of Principal Skinner who wags his finger at millenials while on a gift for billionaire libertarian/ AEI money. In Miller's case he's a straight up attention seeking MRA dweeb.

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