The Quran: "There is no compulsion in religion." Iran: "Wear the hijab, or we'll throw your ass in prison for 24 years." THIS is a perfect example of why theocracy should be exterminated from the face of the Earth. They don't even care about what their holy book says, they just want to control.

They said the elders are illiterate so in response I said not they're no. They probably speak 3-2 languages farsi, Pashto and/or Arabic and ofcurse learn how to read the Quran and learn how to write. Also, again your wrong and talking from no where. My dad learned Arabic in a small village which you call a qalah/fort. Infact in more rural areas there are no school so you have to go to the masjid if you want to learn anything and infact sometimes school may be taught in a masjid.

The whole point of anything here is it's clear none of you here know what you're talking about and your perception of the whole country being illeterate elders is stupid. There is a very big percentage of illeiterate but it's usually the woman because you know the situation but they still probably know hot to read and almost allllll men know how to read and all elders know how to read.

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