A recent article reviewed by Science Alert claims that a "Study says that men are more narcissistic than women" and "Especially when it comes to entitlement."

This is at least the second post on this study in the last week.

The second largest gap between the sexes was in the leadership/authority aspect of narcissism, which scored a d = 20. This means that compared to women, men were more likely to exhibit assertiveness, the motivation to lead, and a desire for more power over others, the researchers report.

If being assertive, motivated to lead, and desire for power makes you narcissist - I say good. But I don't seen how this isn't a discussion between extroversion vs introversion.

“In other words, both genders were almost equally likely to endorse characteristics consistent with vanity, exhibitionism, and self-absorption," the team writes.

So it seems like when it comes to the good when it comes to narcissism (motivation, assertiveness) men tend to be more narcissistic. But when it comes to negative traits associated with narcissism, there are no gender differences.

One of the questions on this survey (and the data is a result of surveys) was whether the person liked being the center of attention. I don't see how that is evidence of narcissism rather than extroversion.

I just find the academic "manifestations of narcissism" to be odd. For women, narcissism can be exhibited by "NPI scores were also associated with looking feminine, wearing makeup, having plucked eyebrows, and showing cleavage." It seems to me a significant portion of women do that.

I don't think there is any doubt that men are more narcissistic than women. I don't think that is a bad thing. It is like the gendered difference between Narcissistic personality disorder and Histrionic personality disorder. I think women are more likely to be more histrionic. And the traits for HPD and NPD overlap.

I can't find the full study online because it is behind a paywall, but I think it would show similar things.

This study reminds me of the old "psychopaths are disproportionally represented by CEOs and other men of power". Negative traits are always attributed to powerful figures. Like how great athletes tend to be assholes (Michael Jordan). Talented performers tend to be divas. Is it jealousy? I don't know.

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