Redditor with Electric Vehicle. How would you compare it to normal fuel vehicle? And how did the change affect you?

We have one of each, a fully electric and an old-fashioned gas vehicle.

The electric is typically used by the daily commuter, a 50-mile round trip. It's the first-choice for errands when it's home b/c it doesn't use up any gas.

We've also taken it on a few long road trips (Chicago to Pikes Peak and Chicago to NW Iowa). Zero problems with charging--the range is a few hundred miles and it takes about 25 minutes to charge back to full. We've done a million road trips in the gas car, and stopping for a charge doesn't really take that much longer than stopping for gas b/c that always includes using the bathroom, grabbing some snacks, etc. The car's map system lets you put in your destination and it will show you where to stop to charge and whether you have a few options or if you must stop b/c the next charger is too far away. Super simple.

Our home electric bill has gone up by less than $10 a month and it's replacing a car that used $200+ a month in gas. We do take advantage of every free option for charging, but still, it's about $4-5 for a full charge when we do have to pay separately at a public charging station.

We're actually saving up to replace the gas-guzzler with a similar electric b/c the experience over the last 2.5 years and nearly 80k miles has been so overwhelmingly positive. Almost no repairs, and the only regular maintenance is tire rotation and wiper fluid.

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