Ricki Ortiz: Transgender Street Fighter - video feature by BBC Three on Ricki at Final Round!

I think a big distinction that I'm glad she alluded towards was that there is separation between the actual fgc and the people that post crap like that online. It is easy to forget that stream monsters aren't necessarily part of the fgc proper. Yeah they participate in their way, but you aren't going to be seeing the majority them at tournaments and shit.

The actual fgc is one of the most diverse groups of people I have ever seen or been a part of, and the best part about it is that we are diverse without really making some sort of effort to be seen as socially acceptable or anything. We are diverse because unlike other competitive gaming communities that require a large up front financial investment in a pc or console, we developed in the arcades where all you needed was a few quarters every now and then to participate. Basically anyone could get past that barrier of entry regardless of background. And add to that how in general the people that stick around basically have personalities that see things as a meritocracy. How good are you at the game? How do I beat you? Those are the questions on a lot of people's minds that actually show up to play, not gender identity or race.

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