Saudi man sentenced 10 years jail and weekly public canings for 5 months. He is guilty of setting up a public online forum for debate and discussion.

I've felt the same. It is harder to find any positive attributes to any religions. All the news all the time are just blasting the horrible acts people do. When someone tries to argue about positive things and gives a list, its always some nice stuff that nice people do without religion anyway. Nothing ever to do with any texts specific to a religion. No religion ever provides any higher moral ground when viewed objectively as a moral & ethics system. Modern humanism does so much more.

I'm an Explorer. I simply can't accept the core of religion. I cannot ever kneel down to anything, yet I don't see myself as superior to anything. I can't think of any reasons why worshiping anything can ever be a positive thing. For me, worship is liking something too much. Also I have a problem with the X thousand different "truths" that are out there. While I see us humans as exploring the universe and knowing what we know, little by little scratching the surface, with an amazing amount of knowledge, but a larger amount of unknowns still out there to discover. I cannot see a set "truth" as a positive thing. To me it is like giving up. "The truth, all you need to know is right here in this book" is probably the biggest philosophical laziness I know. The idea that everything is figured out is beyond me. "Their truth is wrong. Ours is right"

I can be cruel, lazy, irresponsible, ignorant etc. sometimes. I can be loving, caring, emphatic, motivated etc. sometimes. I can be everything and nothing. I have potential, just like anyone. Whatever influences me has a huge impact on my actions. I can't see how any religious stuff can progress me into a positive direction. If I take the religion, I have to take all the shitty messed up stuff about it. Picking and choosing just demonstrates everyone makes it up for themselves, there is no consensus and I'm better off with teachings that leave out the shit from the beginning. I hate the mindset that people brush off the messed up stuff in the bible and don't take any responsibility "thats not my belief. I leave that out"

/Rant over. Sorry for the wall of text and off topic.

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