socialism is when you make predictable work schedules for your employees

And why is it my responsibility to pay for someone else’s poor decisions?

It's the ole', "So, ask not what your country is going to do for you. Ask what you can for your country." The idea is that the opportunities that were available for you to seize (i.e. work hard to obtain) can only be sustained if everyone nurtures society.

If everyone feels only hostility towards each other, then instead we get the ole' tragedy of the commons.

What should have happened is that incremental change should have happened a long time ago so that there wouldn't be a call for drastic change now.

Why does this involve you in particular? No reason in particular. You don't have to do anything. This doesn't involve me in particular either. Neither does it involve the next person. None of us have to do anything, and it's not really anyone's issue to deal with.

It's just that if we all shrug our shoulders, then we will just watch America slowly give out (middle class is already almost non-existent) until people are desperate enough to snap at the same time (e.g. riots that lead to labor rights such as prohibiting child labor).

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