[SPOILERS] Post-Episode Discussion - Season 8 Episode 4

I'm speecheless at how utterly rushed this all feels.

The way Euron "ambushed" Dany and her forces was just terrible. There is no way they shouldn't have been prepared for this. They already knew that Cersei had dragon killing weapons. I think it doesn't take a genius to figure out what will happen next.

D&D actually justified this in the post-episode recap, saying... "Dany and co kinda forgot about Euron's fleet.."

Are you serious?

This show is falling apart in its last few episodes, and it's fucking bizarre to see. Was waitin 2 years and making huge budget battle scenes really worth it if it comes at the expense of good storytelling, which is what the show became popular for in the first place? I'd trade movie level CGI and halve the lenght of battle scenes if it meant an extra few episodes.

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