[Spoilers] /r/Anime weekly Gintama: Episodes 251-256 Discussion

Another arc already? I’ve heard a few things about this arc so this will be interesting. We’re almost at the end of the road in terms of episodes. That first piece of fanart is awesome. Tokiko looks adorable with that stitch.

Episode 251 – That music is worthy of being called elevator music. Saachan getting her 5 seconds of screentime. For a second I actually thought that Yamazaki wasn’t going to mention anpan. Hey it’s the shop where Gin got the cursed blu-ray player. Random Justaway in the fridge. Kotatsu leading to a black hole? Had to Google King Piccolo just to find that he’s a Dragonball character. This shot almost ran on for a little too long.](http://i.imgur.com/gqakwzO.png) Here comes another producer vent. Now it’s just a bunch of old guys complaining, not that I’m going to complaining. Shinpachi has had his work cut out this episode. This silence is weird. I can’t blame you Shinpachi.

Episode 252 – What has the show got to apologize for? RIP show for the 2nd time. There sure is a lot of apologies going around. It happened! I love all the apologies. Prince Baka! I saw this scene in GIF form back before I started watching the show! Increment the censored vomit counter. WHAT IS WITH THAT IMAGE!? And the puke counter goes wild! I give up. More apologies! Katsura as always going off on a tangent. Another (off screen) vomit scene (With bonus Mutsu!) Best girls right here! Here comes Takasugi! So we’re actually apologizing now? A GIF of Gin bowing would make my week. This apology is actually sincere... about never giving up on dirty jokes. Never change show. There’s the season overview to wrap things up.

Season 6 Preview –** 29 seconds of my life that I won’t be getting back.

Episode 253 – For a minute I thought that it was Sugita who was voicing Kintoki. HEY LETS GO OUT! That’s it stuck in my head now. Little Kagura dancing was rather cute. Keeping this for future use.. This arc is going to break the fourth wall like no other. On the plus side the Yorozuya may be more productive. Measuring a friendship with DVD volumes. The memories come flooding back watching that alternate first episode.

Let sleeping waves lie… Kyubei please.

Hello my baby, hello my honey! Sadaharu is actually relevant for once and so is Tama! Gintama outdoes itself at times. I thought that Kintoki seemed a little too perfect. Another reaction face to add to the collection. The ED is different, in a good way. Is…is that Tama wearing a Chinese dress!? IT’S HAPPENING!

Episode 254 – I recognise those noses! Tenny’s? I can assume that it’s a parody of Denny’s. Yorozuya Sepia, I like it! Tama looks adorable with that dress :3. I remember seeing this scene a while ago but I forget what episode it was. I feel like this is the 2nd time that Sadaharu has actually “spoken”. Gin is one crazy guy but that’s what we love about him. Hasegawa breaking what remains of that fourth wall. I find it fascinating how an arc which breaks the fourth wall in such a blatant way can still be serious to a certain degree. Getting a bit hard boiled at the end there. I’m liking the amount of Tama we’re getting this arc.

Episode 255 – Tama no! Don’t fuck with Gin. TAMA!!! Another great face. Kin abusing his power to remove the thorn in his side (see what I did there). If there is one thing I have learned about Gin is that even if the entire world is his enemy he will still fight for what he believes in. At least he’s got Sadaharu. Has there been any point (not including OP’s) when Sadaharu has been rode on like a horse? I never realised until now how much Katsura and Toujou would get along. Hasegawa with his cardboard camcorder. It’s rare to see Saachan being serious. The three female amigos stand united.

Episode 256 – I like the school analogy. Flashback to the Benizakura arc was appreciated. I must admit I a sucker for these friendship arcs. Again with the school analogy. Diving straight in with the fight like always. Of course Kintoki has a failsafe plan, that’s how villains always are. So Kin’s plan was to destroy Gintama as a show? Not sepekku! How many times is it now that Gin’s sword has been broken? Don’t trick me like that show! Good luck with that I guess? Now we’re a high school Slice of Life show? I see what you’re trying to do here. So this is Kin’s backup show? Cliches! RIP Kintoki’s “Sword”. Ayy. Yet another great face. That irony of Otae wearing a gorilla mask. There’s our OP with its rightful main character in it. I like how Kagura and Shinpachi kick Gin down instead of hugging him.

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