[Stories] What is the story of a time you cock-blocked yourself?

In high school I sorta kinda dated this girl. I wouldn't say she was ever my girlfriend, but she'd come over my house and we'd make out a bit and watch movies. She was friends with my ex girlfriend, and so we agreed we'd take things slow, which somehow made sense to 18 year old me. I don't know.

Anyway one night we're at a party and drinking. We find ourselves in my friends bedroom making out.

So we're making out and she stops me. She says she wished we'd gotten to go swimming, since she brought a bathing suit. Well, I said, we can't go swimming but you could always show me the bathing suit. Much to my surprise she agrees and so she goes down to her car and grabs her bag and comes back to my buddies bedroom wearing a towel.

So...awesome! But I DID feel bad about it being in someone else's room. I also felt bad, or guilty I suppose, about sleeping with another girl, one of my girlfriend's friends no less, not that long after breaking up. But the girl was hot! She wasn't the prettiest girl, but had a great body, very athletic.

She drops the towel and I walked over. I decide the hell with it, let's just do this and get it over with. I guess I'm just a bad person. I kiss her and grab her butt and about 90 seconds later I have her topless.

OK...so. I don't even now how to tell this story as it is so stupid and lacking in sense. In my head I was convinced that the girl that just got naked quickly and voluntarily really did want me to take things slowly. Despite the fact it's obvious to me now she wanted to have sex...I thought she was testing me. She's my ex's friend. We're on our friend's bed. There are people right downstairs. IT'S A TRAP.

I never saw her naked. I know that sounds impossible. I took her top off, which I have to say was way easier than a bra to remove, and we lied down on the bed, and I just persisted in making out with her. I didn't even look at or touch her boobs, fearing that this would be too forward and she'd think I was a pig or something. I just...made out with her while she was 90% naked.

She eventually got dressed and we fell asleep.

We left for college a few weeks later and I never got to have sex with her.

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