sucks when police can assault you on your property then arrest you for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest

This happened about 2-3 years ago, I’m unsure why it’s being reposted as it’s just happened. It’s misleading and odd that it’s not mentioned.

Nothing came about this, he was an officer at the time and Is now the chief.

I also know the person who uploaded the video from TikTok. I’ve arrested her multiple times for drugs, and she’s been arrested for drugs and domestic multiple times (with multiple convictions as well). She’s not involved with this incident either, she found the video online from years ago and reposted it.

You can find her felony arrests or arrests from the sheriffs office in Baldwin County Jail View (and search her TikTok username).

City arrests aren’t listed there.

Just to give everyone some insight on the story. That’s all

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